2018 Tesla Model 3 Performance – Stupid Fast Electric Car Is [Finally] HERE!

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Easily the most talked about car over the past 3 years, #Tesla has gone through blood, sweat, and tears to ramp up production and deliver the most important electric car of their short company history. With a starting price of ,000 and an all-electric range of 220 miles, the 2018 Tesla #Model3 delivers on the EV experience but without the frumpy image of its competitors. The ,000 #Performance version has twice the power, twice the performance, twice the motors, and nearly twice the range and Tesla claims it will outperform the benchmark BMW M3 on the track without sacrifices any of the thrills. While the internal combustion engine will continue to live on, Tesla certainly proves that a car of the future is already being built today.

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2018 Tesla Model 3 Performance – Stupid Fast Electric Car Is [Finally] HERE!

20 comments on “2018 Tesla Model 3 Performance – Stupid Fast Electric Car Is [Finally] HERE!

  1. Hey guys, wanted to address a few comments from the video. We finally found the auto park function in the car, apparently two Tesla store delivery specialists were wrong and told us the Model 3's do not come with auto park. Also… we get free supercharging for life with the Performance trim. If you buy the lower versions, it is pay per use supercharging which usually ends up being less then $10 bucks to get a full charge.

  2. Tesla: Unavoidable collision incoming, swerve or nah?

    Instantly communicated by Neuralink

    Human: Nah fam I ain't swerving down this mountain road, risk collision

    -> Communication duration: <1 second

    -> Moral AI dilemma solved

    I can see the synergy + if a car can drive itself you better believe I ain't trying to physically change the Youtube video I was watching.

  3. So you're just supposed to stop and wait at a charging station for 30-40 minutes to recharge? I just don't get how that's practical at all…

  4. Government owned just like the rest of the car makers . Oh yeah mars doesnt exist so elon musk is just a puppet to represent tesla because if the masses knew all the car manufacturers were govenment own they wouldnt be so loyal .

  5. Sofyan , I watched this review long back but rewatched it after I booked my model 3 last week. And I was still debating with myself whether this is a good decision but after rewatching you floor it and your reactions I am sold. I will go through with my order and take delivery. Thank you

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