Performance Car – 2019 Best Buys

We at Kelley Blue Book aren’t just about the practical. We like fun just as much as, well, everyone! Enter the 2019 Hyundai Veloster N, winner of our Performance Car category. Sure it was rough testing all these speedy cars around the track, but with excellent performance chops, great handling, exciting exhaust sounds and insane value for the money, the Veloster N took our performance car checkered flag!

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Performance Car - 2019 Best Buys

18 comments on “Performance Car – 2019 Best Buys

  1. Sorry, but it's a huge fail! Civic Type-R is so far the better performance car then this! Veloster might get a solid 3rd or even second place cos of it's price, but overall performance wise it goes nearly last… It's not performance car, it's great showing off car! Try driving it on the limit on bad road surfaces- it jumps off and loses it's trajectory like a cheap solid axle SUV. CTR does not do that… Even heavy RS3 does not! When Velosters turbo spools at max you got worst torque steer in class by far! It's so bad it dangerous! All these factors in no way make it a real performance car.
    P.S. it does have nice interior and quality downshift farts made by exhaust, though… Good for showing off, but not for real performance!

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