Holden Commodore SS V Redline | Performance Car of the Year 2016 | MOTOR

11 of the year’s best fast cars compared to find out 2016’s Performance Car of the Year – Aussie hero punches well above its weight

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Holden Commodore SS V Redline | Performance Car of the Year 2016 | MOTOR

10 comments on “Holden Commodore SS V Redline | Performance Car of the Year 2016 | MOTOR

  1. I was going to purchase another ssv redline but after owning one I realized that the only way an ssv redline 2016 would suit me is if I used it predominately on the freeways which I don't usually use. I live in the city and had to adjust. I test drove a wrx and found that it didn't feel punch enough for me and then I went for the sti and thought… I've been in the v8 world for quite a long time owning 3 ss's so this time around I went with an My17 sti.

    The outcome, they both are good cars and either one is a great performance car on the road and the track.But I see v8's now as dinosaur's compared to 4 cylinder engine's which have come a long way since sounding like a long continuous fart. Maybe I modified and tuned to many v8's and got sick of them. I love the boxer rumble though. Still if I had the money I would have both.

    Gonna go out now for a drive 🙂

  2. This car would bang sales In the Gulf, I have no fucking idea why we don't have these beauties here. Iam just on sad.

  3. Lets keep things in perspective……. The German muscle is quite a different machine, one could say dig even deeper and go McLaren. The Commodore brand with the LS engine packages are rather fun to drive considering the money you pay. Especially on the long open roads.

  4. Haha, "If people still wanted big, full size V8 cars". Might just have to harden up and reach a bit deeper into their pockets for a bit of German muscle now.

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