18 comments on “Crazy CarMax offer on my 4 month old Dodge Challenger RT…

  1. You may be disappointed again upgrading to a gasser. You will pay a gas guzzler tax and alot of frequent fill ups. If you are good with that then grease it up so it won't hurt so bad. Oh and remember sticker price don't mean Jack when selling or trading. No way does it mean just because you were stupid enough to pay that price don't mean others will. And trust me I've been stupid a time or two myself but I get what I want and happily stuffer the next 60 months.

  2. Wonder how many people with the same car as him actually contacted him to sell him their car just to see how full of shit he was

  3. Bro you aren’t going to make a bunch of money on anything as you say…the whole reason you are getting boned is because your dumb ass puts yourself in these spots..and you don’t understand the economics of it…they are doing you a favor not the other way around so why would they pay you fair price this isn’t a not for profit company..do you want someone telling you how much you are allowed to sell a car for? So why is Carmax obligated to pay you a fair price because you bought a shitty fucking dodge that nobody will want…they will be lucky to get 25k for that car so that’s your problem…and the dealer is fucking you too…stupid faggot dicks are for chicks you gay queer lol….good luck with your faggot mobile

  4. ** AND you are buying another car AND you are going to a Dodge dealer so they have a target market for that car. Makes total sense.

  5. That sounds kind of reasonable. Nobody is going to pay new car price for a used car. I would not buy it unless I could save at LEAST 5-7k… Then the dealer needs to make money, the salesman needs to make money. They likely draw a credit line to pay you so that needs to be paid. Not to mention rent, utilities, taxes.

  6. It is pretty.. and they sound great.. I mean its a good car but still they don't hold their value that well and maybe sales are soft on them.. WAITING to hear what they offer, watching.

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