★How to Install Switches in Your Car★ (Easy Steps)

Step 1: Choose a power source
Step 2: Wire around in your car following this diagram ☞1:25
Step 3: Test it
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Many of you asked me how to install switches for LED lights, so I made a video to explain it. I hope it helps you out. If you have any questions, please leave me a comment below.

Also, here is how you can install LEDs in your car:

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★How to Install Switches in Your Car★ (Easy Steps)

20 comments on “★How to Install Switches in Your Car★ (Easy Steps)

  1. Hope you carry a fire extinguisher with you. Wrapping a fuse is pretty cavemanish, could be carrying constant power.

  2. I can't believe how simple and easy to understand this video was. No annoying talking, showed the parts that matter enough for me to figure out my project. I'll probably use female connectors and a fuse piggyback wire but still.

  3. I've seen some sketchy wiring jobs,, but damn. That's a car fire waiting to happen. I install car audio for a living, so I can say easily that that is bad advise at its finest. I hope you don't do this "professionally".

  4. I already have a light set up in my van… but now I wanna add a switch to it.. do I just cut my positive and wire my fuse end to + and lights to – ??? Then ground it?

  5. I have led 12v( 1 + and 1 -) When i turn ON the headlight(night) i want the led 12v turn ON at the same time. Shoul i connect directly to the headlight fuse? Or what should i do?

  6. this is what you call a cheap way of installing a switch. wires all the same color not even color coded to know what is what, not tapping into the fuse the right way (some has mentioned in the comments) and the ground well you could have looked for one that was directly on the body first sand off paint and then attach a spade or circle terminal to it then applying dielectric grease to stop it from corrosion or rusting.

  7. As nice as the vid was, I couldn't concentrate because the music made me want to hop around like a moron , I got fucked up

  8. i did the same with the same switch but led light on the switch is not coming on when switch is on!!

  9. I want to add a toggle switch panel to my mini RV. I want to put it overhead to make it feel more like a big jet. The switches dont actually need to do anything but I do want them lit and able to turn off and on.. how would I do that?

  10. I usually hate when their isn't someone talking and explaining what to do. but this video is absolutely so clear on what to do its great.

  11. Thank you for accurately showing the steps and methods for viewers who have NO experience, other vids can be vague and nonchalant like the viewers are already familiar with the terminology and parts.

  12. Thanks for the straight forward and short explanation. Saved me from dancing around other posts that explain the theory of evolution for this same question lol.

  13. what if i get say LEDs that has a cigarette lighter thing and I'd rather have them to the fuse box? can i cut it?

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