Top 5 Mods for Maximum HP and Torque

In this video I’ll go over the top 5 mods you should do first in order to gain maximum HP and Torque from your engine. These mods will make your car faster while spending the least money relative to other mods. We’ll go over the benefit of a CAI, Upgrading your Intercoolers, Catback exhaust, high flow catalytic converters, high performance camshafts, port and polish, and tuning your cars ecu or ecm for maximum power output.


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Top 5  Mods for Maximum HP and Torque

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  1. Cold air intake: several channels have videos showing adding a cold air intake to a stock engine actually causes power loss, except in very specific cases (meaning the hose has to extend to the front outside of the vehicle.

  2. The most cheaper and easy upgrade to start with is spark plugs !
    If your car is designed to run with regular spark plugs upgrade to Denso Iridium TT ones . They lower the spark gap breakdown voltage so slightly increase with 0.2 mm the originally recommended spark gap for your vehicle ,it wouldn’t increase breakdown spark gap voltage but the longer spark will fire up bigger volume of air fuel mixture simultaneously so combustion time decrease ,efficiency of your engine as well which reflect in more power and torque.
    The next step is INDEXING your spark plugs. It’s a bit more expensive since you will needs 3 sets of spark plugs to be able to do it but the result worth well the money and the time spent.
    Indexing , mean to select particular spark plug ( one of three usually works)for every particular cylinder in a way that after tightening them down to the manufacturer specified torque their spark gaps to face in the correct direction in the combustion chamber and all spark plugs gaps ( in every particular cylinder)to be oriented uniformly.
    This mod guarantee you that you are taking out of your engine the most possible power and torque on which it’s capable (before anyfurther mods of coarse) .
    If the spark plugs aren’t indexed ( as is usually on every stock engine)their spark plugs gaps are looking in randomly different directions and usually only one of four cylinders has (randomly)correctly oriented spark plug .Respectively the combustion times are different by every particular cylinder so every of them create different amount of power output and only one (usually) create the maximum on which it’s capable.
    So , after this mod you will have much smoother idle and few more horse power available almost for free . Your acceleration time and top speed improves .
    The increase in power is enough to be sensed by the driver without any measuring equipment . Also as a bonuses your fuel consumption and exhaust emissions decrease .

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